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Founder and President

Dr. Haddad is a leading educator and scientist with wide experience and expertise in educational development, strategic planning and analysis, and educational technologies. He also has had a distinguished career in public policy, international economic and social development, and high-level management.

Dr. Haddad established Knowledge Enterprise in 1998 and has served as its president and led its analytical, technical and consultation activities. In this capacity, he has served as editor of TechKnowLogia (an online journal of technologies for the advancement of education and learning), authored technical publications, and provided advice and assistance to countries and institutions such as Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Jordan, Kuwait, Gulf Cooperation Council, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, UNESCO, and Academy for Educational Development. He also led collaborative projects with UNESCO, World Bank and Inter American Development Bank. 

Before founding Knowledge Enterprise in 1998, Dr. Haddad spent 17 years at the World Bank and served as Director and Deputy Corporate Secretary, Senior Manager in the education sector and Senior Advisor for human development. He also drafted World Bank education policies, supervised the formulation and implementation of education development projects in countries worldwide, and led the conceptualization and launching of the “Education for All” movement. He also acted as Special Representative (ambassador) of the World Bank to the United Nations System.

Outside the World Bank, Dr. Haddad held the following professional positions and assignments:

  • Special adviser to the Director General of UNESCO
  • Member of the International Scientific Advisory Board of UNESCO
  • Commissioner of the Global Infrastructure Information Commission - comprised largely of CEOs of major global companies from around the world
  • Chief Advisor to the President of Lebanon for National Policy Affairs
  • Founder and  first President of the Lebanese Center for Educational Research and Development – at the cabinet level -  responsible for educational planning, research, curriculum development, production of instructional materials and teacher preparation and training
  • Founder and first director of the Science and Mathematics Education Center for Research and Development at the American University of Beirut

Dr. Haddad holds a Ph.D. in Physics and Education from the University of Wisconsin, and an M.A and a B.Sc. from the American University of Beirut. He is the author of over 20 books and monographs and more than 30 articles in the fields of science education, public policy, international development, and technologies for learning.

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