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ICT in Education Toolkit

The process of integrating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) into educational systems and activities can be arbitrary, ad hoc and disjointed -- leading to ineffective, unsustainable and wasteful investments.

The ICT-in-Education Toolkit offers policy makers, planners and practitioners a comprehensive set of analytical, diagnostic and planning tools that can force a certain discipline on the process. The Toolkit consists of six toolboxes - containing a total of 19 tools - that cover the following areas:

  • Mapping the present situation in terms of national goals, educational context, ICTs in education, and the dynamics of change
  • Identification of educational areas for ICT intervention and formulation of corresponding ICT-in-education policies
  • Planning for implementation of infrastructure, hardware, teaching/learning materials, and personnel training
  • Planning for ICT-Enhanced instructional materials
  • Consolidating implementation plans and their financial and managerial implications into one master plan
  • Assessment of implementation, effectiveness and impact of ICT interventions and subsequent adjustments and follow-up actions

The Toolkit was developed in partnership with UNESCO, World Bank (infoDev) and AED. Wadi D. Haddad is the architect and principal author. Sonjara provided technological architecture and software development.

What the Toolkit Provides

• Step by step guidelines
• Forms to record data
• Mechanisms to generate proposals, options and scenarios
• Instruments to evaluate proposals, options and scenarios
• A device to survey attitudes, skills, opinions, etc, and collate results
• A way to consult with specialists and experts
• A systematic environment for deliberations, consultations and decision making
• Standard, documented and replicable procedures
• Efficient and organized system
• Digital database – easily populated, retrieved, edited; revisions propagated
• Extensive & Linked Reference Information

What the Toolkit Does NOT Provide

• Does NOT make decisions for users
• Does NOT automatically generate ICT projects, programs or plans.
• Does NOT do planning. Like any tool, it is an instrument that assists people engaged in the human process of planning for ICTs in education.
• Does NOT replace the commitment, brainpower and actions of the user, nor does it make up for deficiencies in these attributes.

Potential Beneficiaries from the Toolkit

• Countries and educational institutions as they struggle with the challenge of introducing and integrating ICTs into education
• UNESCO, World bank, Knowledge Enterprise, and other Toolkit partners, in their advisory services
• Officers and specialists of development agencies as they identify, prepare and appraise ICT-in-education projects or ICT components of education projects

Training of Users

Users of the Toolkit need to be well oriented in the conceptual foundations of the Toolkit and sufficiently trained in the application of the tools and the utilization of their outputs. It is, therefore, recommended that before the Toolkit is applied, potential users, at different levels, undergo a hands-on orientation and training program.

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