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Knowledge Enterprise, LLC provides advice, assistance, and knowledge pathways in the following areas:

1. Strategic Education Development
2. Technologies for Education and Learning
3. Capacity Building
4. Analytical Resources and Tools

1. Strategic Education Development

Strategic Education DevelopmentCountries and institutions face daunting challenges as they plan for, develop, and maintain their educational systems. Some of these challenges are: fulfilling the goals of Education for All, meeting the escalating demands for all levels of education, planning for unpredictable economies and labor markets, restructuring the curriculum in light of the ever expanding body of information and increase need for knowledge for everyday living, preparing youth for the workplace, providing for lifelong learning, and dealing with the emergence of alterative modes of delivery – all within limited human, institutional and financial resources.

These and other dramatic challenges pose serious questions for education and training planning and force a rethinking in the way education is perceived and managed and in the priorities, scale, size and speed of education development. Business as usual, ad hoc incremental approaches, wish-list plans and incommensurate funding, will certainly not suffice.

Achieving educational goals within a desired time frame requires:

  1. Diagnosis of the needs, bottlenecks and capacities;
  2. Sustained political and technical commitment to face the issues and make the hard decisions;
  3. Formulation of a dynamic strategy to get the country from where it is now to where it should be;
  4. Executing an efficient and effective implementation program.


Knowledge Enterprise can provide advice and assistance in:

• Formation of high-quality human and institutional capacity for policy analysis, planning, governance, management and implementation.

• Strategic planning for education, including educational structure and curriculum content, to cope with the global, national, and local challenges.

• Design of imaginative, innovative and sustainable systems of education and learning.

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2. Technologies for Education and Learning

Technololgies for Education and LearningAlmost every decision maker in every school system is under tremendous pressure to provide every classroom (if not every student) with technologies, including computers and their accessories and connectivity to the Internet.

The question that many decision makers are asking is: If technologies have the potential to significantly improve the teaching/learning process and revolutionize the education enterprise, in the same manner in which they revolutionized business and entertainment, why haven’t we experienced such drastic effects consistently? If technologies are the solution they claim to be, then where is the problem?

Technology is only a tool: no technology can fix a bad educational philosophy or compensate for bad practice. In fact, if we are going in the wrong direction, technology will get us there faster. Providing schools with hardware and software does not automatically reform teaching and improve learning. Much depends on educational practices and how ICTs are used to enhance them.

Effectively integrating technology into educational systems involves a rigorous analysis of educational objectives and changes, a realistic understanding of the potential of technologies, a purposeful consideration of the pre- and co-requisites of effectiveness of ICTs for education, and the prospects of this process within the dynamics of educational change and reform.


Knowledge Enterprise can provide advice and assistance in:

• Reorientation of education structure

• Design of educational programs that incorporate information and communication technologies (ICTs) to meet any or all of the following objectives:

o Expanding of educational opportunities
o Increasing efficiency
o Enhancing quality of learning
o Enriching quality of teaching
o Facilitating Skill Formulation
o Sustaining Lifelong Learning
o Improving policy planning and management
o Advancing Community Linkages

• Identification and application of appropriate technologies

• Design and development of ICT-enhanced content

• Design of programs of professional development of educators to implement projects involving learning technologies

• Design of monitoring and evaluation schemes

• Application of the ICT-in-Education Toolkit, including training and assistance in using the Toolkit for program formulation, planning, and evaluation.

Knowledge Enterprise has special expertise and experience in the use of ICTs for science and mathematics education.

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3. Capacity Building

Capacity BuildingWe at Knowledge Enterprise believe that educational development programs and innovations, to be effective and sustainable, should not be imported or transplanted. They should be the product of local analysis, design, planning and implementation.

The worst that could happen, though, is for each country to proceed in isolation by reinventing the wheel and failing to learn from the experiences (and mistakes) of others. It is essential therefore for decision makers, planners, and practitioners to be well aware of the wealth of worldwide knowledge, research, experience, and thinking. This awareness should not lead to transplantation of ideas and experiences but, rather, should enlighten, guide, and inspire locally conceived and implemented decisions and plans.


Knowledge Enterprise can provide advice and assistance in:

• Training of decision makers and planners in strategic planning, program design, risk analysis, implementation strategies and techniques, and monitoring and evaluation.

• Institutional organization that best facilitates planning, consultation, feedback, program maintenance, and efficient and effective management.

• Making available analytical resources and tools developed by Knowledge Enterprise and providing the necessary training for their application.

• Technical support.

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image of two men attending ICT Toolkit training4. Analytical Resources and Tools

The process of planning for educational development and program design can be arbitrary, ad hoc and disjointed -- leading to ineffective, unsustainable and wasteful investments. On the other hand, a comprehensive set of analytical, diagnostic and planning tools can force a certain discipline on the process. Moreover, analytical reviews and syntheses of international thinking, research and experience inform, enlighten, and enrich the process of policy making and planning.


Knowledge Enterprise provides:

• Review and synthesis of international research and experiences and latest developments in technologies and their potential for education – and translation of these findings into sourcebooks, reference materials and publications.

• Development and production of interactive analytical, diagnostic and planning tools and instruments.

• Development of derivatives of the ICT-in-Education Toolkit to fit the needs of countries, institutions, and development agencies

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